We provide the workforce for your company!

We provide the workforce
For your company

Avia spray is a leading force in providing the specialized workforce for different industries. Your needs, our priority!

Tailored Business-to Business Focus

Avia Spray is dedicated to the B2B field, extending our services to:

About us

Avia Spray, established in 2015, is a leading force in the recruitment and provision of specialized workforce for diverse industries. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions for your projects or company needs, we take pride in offering expertise in industrial painting, construction, technical roles, and personnel for companies across Ireland, France, Netherlands, and other European countries.

Our Expertise

Specialized Workforce Solutions Across Industries. We provide you the suitable personnel!

Our skilled workforce excels in providing high-quality industrial painting services, ensuring your projects meet the highest standards.
Avia Spray offers a diverse range of construction professionals, meeting the dynamic needs of construction companies and entrepreneurs.

Technical Staff: Our pool of talented technical staff is ready to support your company’s unique requirements, ensuring efficiency and excellence.

We identify your needs

We find your suited workforce

We provide your needed workforce

We provide the workforce your company needs

Our Workforce

Avia Spray seeks and provides specialized workforce for different fields or industries

We are of help to you if you are looking for specialized personnel for short or long term projects

Industrial painters
Construction workforce
Technical Staff


The advantages of working with us
We have experience in workforce selection and choosing the best candidates
We have over 8 years of experience in providing workforce for various industries (painting aircraft, naval, industrial, construction personnel and technical personnel)
We have legislative experience in Ireland for contracting employees and with local or European companies.

Why Choose Avia Spray?

Your Success, Our Priority

Flexibility: Avia Spray adapts to your project timelines and specific workforce needs, offering both short and long-term solutions.

Quality: We ensure the highest quality of workforce, meeting industry standards and exceeding expectations.

Reliability: Avia Spray is your dependable partner, providing a consistent and reliable stream of skilled professionals.

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